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NEWS2 scores in community

In light of guidance on social distancing and the need to minimise contact with patients the guidance for frequency of baseline observations has changed. It is no longer necessary for community based clinicians to repeat a patient’s NEWS2 score on consecutive visits if the initial score is 0 or 1, unless you have clinical concerns or the patient appears unwell on subsequent visits.

Following feedback from clinical teams we have made some changes to the NEWS2 SystmOne template and Sepsis Screening Questionnaire:

to make it clearer for clinicians to record their responses to an elevated NEWS2. We have:

  1. Added a text box for recording where an elevated score in one or two parameters is normal for a patient – for example a patient with known hypotension or who usually has an elevated respiratory rate due to a long-term respiratory disease.
  2. Moved Postural BP recording has been moved to tab 8.
  3. Revised the action section to record the clinician’s response to a NEWS2 of 5 or more, or 3 within a single parameter.

We have also updated the Sepsis Screening Questionnaire to reflect the most recent guidance. The Sepsis Screening Questionnaire should be completed for all patients with a likely infection and who have a NEWS2 of 5 or more, or 3 within a single parameter.

The revised template and questionnaire will be available from 1 April.


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