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Accessible information standard - are you compliant?

Under the terms of the Accessible Information Standard you now have an obligation to communicate with our patients, their carers and other service users by their preferred method.

To ensure that everyone using our services receives information that meets their individual needs, staff are now required to modify their communication to meet patients’ individual needs. We have a duty to record and share those reasonable adjustments and we will need to ask people about what individualised communication support they need to help them use our services.

Click here to view our short video on what the Accessible Information Standards are all about.

How you can be compliant

For staff on TPP SystmOne there is now a new template called ‘Diversity Monitoring and Accessible Information template’ on clinical trees which contains a button to open the new revised Diversity Monitoring Questionnaire.

For in-patient areas and community staff still on paper documentation, the accessible information document will need printing off, completing and adding to the patient's admission records until the next print run of pre-printed documents is completed and rolled out.

More information on the Accessible Information Standards can be found on My DCHS.