News and Notices

Training update 8/4/2020

We continue to recognise the need to maintain a level of training for new starters and to ensure that colleagues are equipped to provide effective clinical care. If you have the time to complete any mandatory e-learning and appraisals then please do so, but frontline delivery of care must be the priority. The training team want to assure you that we are maintaining a social distance of two metres on all critical face-to-face training and induction.

A  four months compliance extension has been added on all mandatory training to ensure all focus on delivering patient care.

We have places available for you to attend on all critical training:

  • Immediate Life Support (ILS): this must continue to maintain competence for older adults inpatient, urgent treatment centres and learning disability inpatient staff
  • Paediatric Immediate Life Support (pILS): this must continue to maintain competence for urgent treatment centres
  • Recognition of a Deteriorating Patient (RODP):  this must continue to maintain competence for all clinical ward based and community staff
  • Trust induction: new starters will complete a remodelled version of Trust induction and this will be communicated with staff as required.

If a course is cancelled or amended you should receive an instant notification via ESR, however, we would recommend that you check your ‘My ESR’ home page before travelling for training as classes at times do get cancelled or amend venues are changed at short notice.

If you are being redeployed to a new area please go to ESR and search COVID to book on a course which will give you fundamental skills to safely work in your new area of work.