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Wobble rooms

Many of you have now seen mentions of the ‘wobble room’ initiative on social media so we wanted to update on where we’re up to with this and get your feedback. The idea behind these rooms is to give us all a space to take a moment, have a wobble, refresh, regroup and recharge during busy shifts. The boxes that are going out to rooms contain a selection of toiletries, distractions, wellbeing support and some treats, to facilitate this wobble time.

We are aiming to get these out to a site near you very soon, our first run went out today to rooms which we’d been told about already. I’ve listed these below. If you have a good potential wobble room space to use please comment below to let us know whereabouts it is, which teams it covers and a key contact. We’ll then work to get you a box as soon as we can. We know that these spaces won’t always be ideal for our colleagues out in the community so please let us know any ideas on how we can bring this idea closer to you.

We are aiming to have over 100 of these spread across the county which can be accessed by any of us. If you have any feedback on the initiative then please let us know at

Our initial rooms are:

- Walton unit

- Hillside, Ash Green

- Alton Ward, Clay across

- Staff Room, Alfreton PCC

- Stanton Day Unit, Newholme

- Ripley MIU

- Butterley Ward, Ripley

- The Arc, Clowne

- Fenton Ward, Cavendish

- Buxton MIU

- Oker Ward, Whitworth

- Whitworth MIU

- Okeover Ward, St Oswalds

- Lister street, Derby city