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SystmOne training sessions - updated/new dates

Training can be delivered for individuals or a group through Microsoft Teams.

There is an inpatient session via Skype/Teams available every;

Monday 11.30am to 1.00pm
Wednesday 1.30pm to 3.00pm
Friday 12.30pm to 2.00pm

For community staff we have made a decision to book mobile working ahead of induction to enable staff to get out and about to work. A follow up call will be arranged for a session on the live system. Please ensure you have the mobile working icon on your toughbook/laptop, a username, password and memorable word before attending this session. Please contact system support if you do not have this icon:

Tracy Tingay, System Support Team Leader - T: 01246 515497 / 07813441663

Sharon Wallis, Senior System Support Analyst - T: 01246 515599 / 07811984892

Verna Shaw, System Support Officer - T: 01246 515738 / 07917651793

Mobile working sessions: Find out when they are and how to book by clicking here.  Follow up sessions will be arranged with staff.

To book a time slot the staff member will need to have a room booked, (at their base or home) have their smartcard, device and mobile phone. You will receive a confirmation email once a booking has been successfully made.

For all requests please complete a  training request form. and email this with your request to:

SystmOne Help Contact Numbers

Susan Brannan, SystmOne Trainer - 07557 205875

Megan Phizacklea, SystmOne Trainer - 07833 083777

Joanne Jones, (inpatients) - 07800 511758

Teresa Prue, (inpatients) - 07826 918216

Helen Kennedy, (Mobile Working) - 07773 575063

Jane Clarke, (OPMH) - 07500 761784

Sarah Martin, (community) - 07891 769244

Scott Goodwin, (community) - 07917 849214