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Wobble boxes

At times like this we can all need a moment to reflect and refresh, so we have been busy delivering ‘wobble boxes’ to sites across the Trust over the last week.  The idea of these boxes is that they are placed in a quiet location on site, and that you can use the contents to take a moment and recharge.

The boxes are composed of items which have been donated to and procured by the Trust.  There can therefore be some variation between them.  Please feel free to add any locally donated items as you see fit.

We are also looking to create some ‘wobble packs’ for community staff who may not currently be working from a base.  We will keep you posted on progress with this, and will do our best to get them out to you as soon as possible.

If the box is looking a little empty, or if you feel your site might have been missed, simply email and we will make arrangements for a box or refreshed contents to come out to you.