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Wobble box & calm kit update, order your kits by 3 June

We now have over 150 wobble rooms set up across Derbyshire for our staff on site to use. If your box needs any top ups please let us know at


We also have 900 calm kits requested and being delivered this week with a further 1100 packed and ready for dispatch.

If you’re remote working or are in the community and aren’t regularly at base then let your manager know so they can request a calm kit for you. We would ask please that requests for calm kits are coordinated via team leads, and sent to - E:


As both of these initiatives are part resourced via donations we unfortunately can’t continue them forever so would encourage you to get your requests in by Wednesday 3 June so we can best manage our stock and get out as much as we can, as soon as we can.

Please send any requests or queries to