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Windows 10 essential upgrade - book your appointment here!

Please click on this link to book your appointment:


Completing  the essential Windows 10 upgrade:

Arden GEM are in the process of completing the essential Windows 10 upgrade of all DCHS laptop and Toughbook devices. Current social distancing measures mean we are now having to do this slightly differently.  

Where can I get my upgrade? Upgrades will all take place at Alfreton Primary Care Centre.

When can I get my upgrade? It is by appointment only. Various dates and times, between 9 June and 26 June 2020, are available to book.

How do I book an appointment?
Please can all colleagues with a device that has not yet been upgraded to Windows 10, book a 30 minute slot for this to take place. Click the link above to book your appointment: 

If your device is found to require the Windows 10 upgrade, this will be carried out whilst you are present and you will need to log on to complete the upgrade process. We ask that you arrive promptly to your confirmed appointment, and please also be reassured, the engineers will adhere to the social distancing measures whilst completing your upgrade.

Do I need to do anything ahead of my appointment?  What do I need to bring with me?
To ensure the process flows smoothly,  we have been asked by Arden GEM to remind staff of their responsibility for the backup and safe storage of data. This must be saved on the relevant shared drives as per DCHS process and not on desktops. Also, if there are any specific applications or add-ons to be included on the device then the disk and License Key that relates to the application must be available at the time of upgrade or the upgrade cannot take place.

Please remember to take your existing device and charging cable to your appointment.
What can I expect to happen at the appointment?
Some devices, both desktop and laptop/Toughbook, may not be of a specification that will support Windows 10.  These devices will be replaced by the engineer with an alternative device.  Please note the replacement device may not be brand new.
Why do I need to have my device upgraded?
Organisationally, we have to move to Windows 10 and we will need to demonstrate that all devices are compliant. Please click here to find out why we need to complete the upgrade.
If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me - E: - or Jane Clarke, Project Manager - E: .