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DCHS Cycle to Work scheme just got even better!

As part of Bike Week 2020 we are pleased to announce the start of a new offer for all staff joining our Cycle to Work scheme.  If you take out a bike through the scheme we will now pay you a one-off payment worth 12% of the value of your new bike and accessories (up to a bike and accessory value of £1000).

Why are you doing this?
We want to encourage more staff to cycle in order to improve health and wellbeing, improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions.

How can you afford to do this?
DCHS would normally make savings from reduced national insurance contributions on your salary sacrifice.  We have made the decision to give these savings back to you.

What is salary sacrifice?
This is known as a salary sacrifice scheme because your salary is reduced by the value of the bicycle and accessories that you choose.  As there is a specific tax exemption on these, you do not have to pay tax and national insurance on that value.  This therefore provides you with a net saving effectively making the bicycle much cheaper than it would have cost you buying it normally.

How much will I save?
Your net savings after receiving the extra incentive payment would be approximately 40% of the value of the bicycle and accessories if you are a 20% taxpayer; and would be approximately 49% saving if you are a 40% tax payer. (Note, the one-off payment will incur tax and national insurance payments which are taken into account in these savings). 

What is the impact on my pension or other benefits?
The likelihood is that any effect of a reduction in your salary may well have a small effect in the following areas:

  • Any pension scheme being contributed to (in particular this may be important if you are nearing retirement and have a final salary pension scheme);
  • Entitlement to contribution based benefits like a State Pension;
  • Entitlement to earnings related benefits like Maternity Allowance;
  • Entitlement to work related payments like Statutory Sick Pay.

A salary sacrifice will not usually have an impact on entitlement to holiday pay and bonuses, which are usually calculated separately using the previous higher rate of pay

If you need further information, you should seek independent advice.

When will I get my incentive payment?
We will process your one-off payment as soon as possible after you have received your bicycle.  It could take up to two months to receive the payment depending on when in the month you join the scheme.

How long will this new incentive be available?
Initially, we are offering this payment until the end of September 2020 and will then review it.

Can I go to a bike shop nearby?
Yes, if they are signed up already or willing to sign up with the Cycle Solutions cycle-to-work scheme. You can view all shops signed up to the scheme here.

Can I get a second-hand bike?
Yes, some bike shops that are signed up to the scheme have pre-owned bikes in stock for sale.

I’m interested, where can I find out more information?
Here are some links for more information and to sign up:

DCHS Cycle to Work scheme:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Scheme booklet: