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Recharge your wellbeing at this year’s annual members’ meeting

Join us at our annual members' meeting on 7 September to hear Tracy Allen and executive colleagues reflect on the past year and share their views on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. This year’s event is at the Postmill Centre in South Normanton and comes with a special wellbeing twist...

Recharge your wellbeing - 12:30pm

Studies have found that both physical and mental wellbeing is essential for us all to function properly, be happy and provide fantastic care for our patients. So this year we’re kicking off the afternoon with a difference – from 12:30pm you will get the opportunity to join an ‘office yoga’ class and practice relaxation activities. Experts from Live Life Better Derbyshire will also be providing wellbeing assessments and tailored advice to suit you. If you're looking for ways to relax and live life stress-free, make sure you take the opportunity to have a chat with them. Find out more about the importance of wellbeing through the Live Life Better Derbyshire website.

Official Annual Members' Meeting - 1:45pm

From 1:45pm we will move into the annual members’ meeting itself. Hear the thoughts of a variety of speakers, from Tracy and Prem to our Lead Governor. You can take a copy of the annual report summary, flick through the year in numbers, ten memorable moments, and much more.

We’ll look forward to seeing you there!