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Filming starts at the Day Unit!

The Day Unit at Babington are undertaking some fabulous filming for their patients. The films are all about falls prevention, including how to get up off the floor, safe walking, walking aids and footwear, vision and hearing, home safety and self management.

While the Day Unit is shut, the team know that they can still provide a support service to their patients remotely. Starting with sending a link to these short films to falls patients on their waiting list, and to those that may have been mid-treatment at the point of lockdown. The hope is that the films could be viewed by either patients or families to provide them with education and support about falls prevention. In future the team also hope that the films will be useful to other teams across the Trust in supporting patients with falls.

This education will be part of the rehab service, having a much larger emphasis on virtual rehab inlight of Covid-19. 

The films and created by and star our amazing staff; Laura Connell (physiotherapy), Lucy Worrall (occupational therapy) , Sandra Boiling (nursing sister) and Sara Steventon (team lead).

If you would like to know more, contact;
Sara Steventon
Day Unit Team Lead- Babington Day Unit
Tel:01773 525061