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WarpIt items can now be claimed for staff personal use

Warp-It is the system we use in DCHS to make it very easy for services to get surplus items from, or give them to, other services.  Sometimes items which are no longer needed aren’t claimed by another service so would end up in the waste skip.

To avoid this waste, and where appropriate, items which are not claimed for internal DCHS re-use by another service will now also be made available for staff to claim for personal use. 

To see what is available you need to be registered to use the system.  If you are not already registered go to

Once registered, to see items available for private use simply click on the 'Personal Use Items' button or tab.

Remember to check back regularly to see what becomes available.

We are not charging for any items for personal use, but we would ask you to consider donating to DCHS charitable funds should you claim any items (