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Quality Always Open Engagement event + new date added!

Come & join us at the ‘’QA Open Event’’ “Sharing The Way Forward with Quality Always” on 19 August’’ at 8.00am,11.00am & 2.00pm via MS Teams.

The event is open to ALL staff, Predominantly aimed to reach out at all Clinical Operational staff , QSC Champions and any staff whom are part of the Quality Always process

This is a great opportunity to join in a 30 minute discussion with 3 members of the Quality Always team. Clinical Lead Sally-ann Coope, A clinical Assessor and A Quality Improvement Lead.

We aim to answer any of your questions related to the reintroduction of Quality Always…

If you would like to join at one of the times stated , Please follow the link below to join

8.00am Click on this link to join  11.00am Click on this link to join   2.00pm Click on this link to join

Please remember to ..

  • Raise your hand to ask your question..
  • Keep your microphone/ camera turned off until its your turn to speak

We look forward to seeing you!


We’ve listened to you !!

Due to popular demand we will be holding a further 30 minute QA Open Event’ on 27 August @ 11.00am  

Click on this link to join