News and Notices

Well done to the Wheatbridge MDT clinic!

This team ran a step down clinic from Chesterfield Royal to support the pandemic response. They had support from Aaron Barber, Specialist Registrar Podiatric Surgery, and Saul Hill. Saul has now left for his new role as integrated community manager for DCHS Derbyshire Wound Care Service, and wanted to pass on his thanks to the team. Special thanks go to Fiona Andrews, Sue Hexter, Lauren Burdette, Sarah Dilks,Tammy, Sue Heathcote and Louise Kirkland.

In order to support the Covid-19 response, one of the clinics was moved to Wheatbridge temporarily. This freed up the consultants in the diabetic foot clinic to be able to support Chesterfield Royal Hospital better. The patients who attend these clinics are often very complex with multiple co-morbidities and high risk of deep infection which can be limb or life threatening. Now the Covid response is being stepped back, the consultants are now able to return to their usual roles to staff this clinic.

This was accomplished using innovative ways. The Diabetes Consultants at Chesterfield Royal and podiatry team set up a WhatsApp group to keep in touch. The consultants  have been available to support hospital admissions or to discuss different treatments where needed throughout.  It has been a real team effort working across organisations and teams. Some of the patients who attended appointments at Wheatbridge had previously declined appointments at the hospital.  There was a lot of anxiety around Covid especially catching it if they went to the hospital so it has meant that they have been able to receive the care that they needed during these first months of the pandemic.

Thank you team, and well done!