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Leading remote teams – Online learning programme for leaders

The leadership development team are working with colleagues in NHS ELECT to develop an online learning programme for leaders who have led through the initial COVID 19 outbreak and are now having to lead in a new way. 

Remote working has been the subject of study for some years with learning updated rapidly as COVID drives workplace changes across the world. Effective strategies combine good practice for managing any team such as fostering trust, encouraging constructive conflict, paying attention to role design and getting the most from team meetings with specific learning points about using technology effectively.

Learning objectives for this 5 session online leadership development programme will include:

  • Knowledge of the fundamentals of effective teams, the ability for leaders to assess their own team’s effectiveness against those characteristics and the skills to make improvements while acknowledging and safeguarding existing good practices.
  • An understanding of the risks and opportunities of remote working and good practice approaches to compassionate leadership for people and remote teams. This will form the basis for reflection on the strengths and development opportunities in their leadership practice and action planning focused on transferring learning into the workplace.
  • Insights into the group behaviours that can support effective virtual teams, practical techniques for fostering these behaviours between team members and an opportunity to plan for putting them into practice in their own teams.

Session one – 1 October 2-3pm

A co-design session to understand the recent experiences of leading though COVID 19 as well as gaining insight into the learning needs and wants of leaders now

Sessions 2-4 will be 3 hour MS teams workshops, dates and times tbc.

Session two –- Managing teams online

Session three –Understanding your management style in response to staff and situations

Session four – Resilient people and compassionate teams

Session five – our hour review of learning and next steps

To find out more, or to book a place on the initial co-design session, please contact the leadership development team on: