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Innovating through Demand: NHS Productivity Virtual Conference - 7 October

Free Online Course for NHS Staff - 7 October 2020

Are you keen to get some networking done while sharpening your knowledge? We would like to invite you to take part in our upcoming virtual conference, we are providing all our public sector network with fully funded CPD accredited live strategy meetings.

The recent announcement of NHS debt being wiped will provide the perfect window to assess current procedures and invest in improving the productivity and efficiency of both patient-facing and back-office protocol within a secondary care setting.

NHS Long-Term Plan, key areas of focus include:

• A drive to reduce administrative costs

• Reducing absence due to mental health

• Improving procurement

• Reducing the number of clinically ineffective treatments

• Capping spending on staff

Join us on the 7th October! we are halfway through our virtual public sector event series, feedback has been overwhelming, all public servants are able to apply for a fully funded delegate pass to all pour virtual and in-person events. Attendance grants you:

• Live speaker sessions

• Meet the supplier round tables and live streams

• Interactive Q&A + Polls

• Peer to peer networking

• Downloadable content

Registration now open, we look forward to greeting you on the day

We are advising ALL attendees attend the event via personal laptop or mobile device (Non-NHS Device)

We have noticed that NHS Devices are making it more difficult to view event content.

To maximise chances of viewing content:

• Attend via a NON-NHS Device

• Attend the event via the Convenzis APP (where possible) • Connect via your personal WI-FI (NON-NHS) • Attend the online platform via google chrome web browser


Registration now open, we look forward to greeting you on the day