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SIREN research into Covid-19 - could you take part?

Could you volunteer to take part in the SIREN study and help greater understanding of antibodies and immunity to the Covid-19 virus?

DCHS is now recruiting to this major research project which involves thousands of NHS staff across the country.

We need volunteers from all roles within DCHS – clinical and non-clinical - the only criteria is that you must be based on a site which patients visit. But you don’t need to be patient-facing.

The aim of the SIREN study is to understand:

  • If prior infection with Covid-19 protect individuals from becoming infected with the virus again
  • How age, ethnicity and other factors influence antibody levels over time, to help gain an overall better understanding of the virus.

What is involved in taking part? 

  • You’ll need to complete a registration questionnaire and consent to take part
  • You’ll need to provide nose/throat swabs and blood samples regularly (every 2-4 weeks for up to 12 months).

This study has received full ethical approval and is funded by the National Institute of Health Research and Public Health England and participants can withdraw at any time.

We will be sharing details of how to join this research study in the coming days - so please watch this space.