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Thank you for £1,112 donation to Ilkeston Community Hospital

Dennis and Margaret Jackson of Jackson's chip shop in Ilkeston have presented £1,112, raised with their customers, to Ilkeston Community Hospital as a thank you to NHS staff.

Dennis explained: "Margaret and I have been doing the Skegness bicycle run for the past 14 years, which comprises of me cycling to Skegness as fast as I can. The next day we check the list of customers that have laid a £1 bet to guess how long this took me. The closet guess wins £30 worth of fish and chips and the rest of the money goes to charity. This normally raises around £1,000 for a charity of our choice.

So this year when lockdown arrived I decided that I would open the shop on 29 July, and that I would donate the first Saturday’s takings which was my birthday, 1 August 2020 to Ilkeston Community Hospital. As you can imagine when customers got to know about this they began to leave their change on the counter, saying "put it in the kitty’’, which raised a grand total of £1,112. Margaret and I would like to say a big thank you to staff who work at Ilkeston Community Hospital."

And we'd like to say a big thank you to you,Dennis and Margaret, for your fantastic support.

In the picture are Kelly Lacey, Caroline Crossley and Julie Tuckwood, with Vanessa who is a long time helper at the shop and Kornelia, a student.