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Introductory Autism Spectrum Condition awareness raising training

This is a free introductory course for statutory services in Derbyshire County, delivered by Autism Information and Advice (part of Citizens Advice Mid Mercia and funded by Derbyshire County Council).

The course objectives are as follows:

1. To gain a basic, working understanding of ASC, neurodevelopmental conditions and neurodiversity;

2. To understand the difference between ASC and learning difficulties;

3. To gain an understanding of the central three challenges of ASC - communication and language, social understanding and relationships, and impaired imaginative thought and inflexibility of thoughts and behaviours;

4. To have knowledge of approaches to understanding and supporting these three challenges – being person-centred, planning and preparation, creating a safe environment, minimising sensory disturbances, and practical advice.

The courses will be delivered via Zoom. Click to book!

Tuesday 6 October @ 10:00am 

Friday 23 October @ 15:00pm 

Wednesday 4 November @ 11:30am