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Chest/wound drain disposal procedure

Following is the latest chest and wound drains, also known as Plurex and Rocket drains, disposal procedure in the community nursing setting. This procedure is agreed with local Waste Collection Authorities (WCAs) in Derbyshire and supersedes current procedure in DCHS main Waste Management Operating Standard.

Drains containing non-infectious waste shall be doubled bagged using black household waste bag and placed in to patients own domestic waste bin for normal waste collection.

Drains containing known infectious waste, confirmed by the community nurse shall be placed in yellow bag (not rigid container) and disposed of using local Waste Collection Authority’s infectious waste collection service. An official request shall be made to the relevant WCA using approved request form providing full  details of type of waste, frequency of collection etc. Copy of request form and list of WCAs contact are attached with this email and can also be found in Appendix 6 of the main Waste Management Operating Standard on DCHS SharePoint.