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Local eLearning not available through ESR

13.20 - 6/10/2020
Due to an issue at ArdenGem local eLearning is currently not available through ESR. 

The following programmes that are affected are:    

Imms & Vaccs Pneumococcal,
Imms & Vaccs Shingles,
Infection Prevention & Control – COVID,
Suicide Prevention, Autism Awareness ,
End of Life COVID,
T34 Syringe Driver eLearning,
Counter Fraud,
Equality & Diversity,
Load Handling,
Food Handling,
Risk Management,
Raising Concerns,
Safe Use of Bed Rails

To support the Flu Immunisation Programme we have created a work around.  Click on the links to access the programmes below:

You must complete BOTH packages to be compliant as a flu vaccinator.

After completion please send your certificates to: who will update your Training Record.

As soon as this issue is resolved we will update all staff.
Please contact the People Development team if you  have any further queries.