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Needle stick injury

DCHS are working hard to reduce injuries to clinical colleagues from sharps and needle stick injuries. 
Data has shown that there were 40 needle stick incidents in 2019/20 – 27 injuries were actual harm to staff.
In 2020/21 this has continued to increase with 22 needle stick incidents to date between Q1 and Q2  – 18 injuries were actual harm to staff.

As a result of this the Trust has a real focus on significantly reducing the number of sharps and needle stick injuries going forward. Our aim is to make needle stick injuries internal “never events” within DCHS, with the aim to achieve a 75% reduction on the number of avoidable sharps injures by the end of 2020/21.

The work is focused on reducing actual needle stick injuries but should have the additional bonus of ensuring best practice in the management of all sharps and sharps boxes across DCHS.

A working group has been set up drawing experience and expertise from Operational Divisional Leads, Quality Directorate – including Infection Prevention and Control, Health and Safety , Professional Standards and the Patient Safety Teams to ensure there is a focused approach to delivering this work.

Updates and progress will be communicated out to all our staff but if in the meantime you have any questions around this or would  like to put forward a suggested slogan for this very important campaign then please contact us here: