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Menopause month – Buxton display

October is World Menopause Month to help demystify the process which half the population goes through and to encourage us all to talk about it more openly.

Emergency nurse practitioner Joanne Shadforth and healthcare assistant Laura O’Brien from Buxton Hospital's Urgent Treatment Centre have created a display in the hospital as an aid to understanding menopause, including ways to alleviate the symptoms.

They are pictured beside their display – well done and thanks, Joanne and Laura.

For those who can’t go into the hospital to see the display for themselves, here are the details which Joanne and Laura included:

Menopause symptoms include:

•            Hot flushes
•            Night sweats
•            Palpitations
•            Insomnia
•            Joint aches
•            Headaches

Menopause - when?

•            The average age of the natural menopause is 51 years, BUT can occur earlier or later
•            Menopause before 45 years of age is called early menopause and before the age of 40 is premature menopause
•            Women experiencing early or premature menopause are often advised to take HRT until the average age of the menopause, to help symptom control and bone protection.


•            A healthy diet should include five portions of fruit/vegetables per day
•            Try unrefined foods as much as possible, rather than refined convenience foods
•            Eat foods containing fat and sugar in moderation
•            Reduce caffeine & alcohol consumption
•            Being overweight worsens hot flushes and increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes
•            Excess caffeine and alcohol can worsen flushes but & increase risks of osteoporosis.


•            Helps with weight loss
•            Helps reduce hot flushes, heart disease & risk of osteoporosis
•            Try brisk walking its healthy & FREE.