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Wednesday 14 October - it's AHPs Day!

Celebration montage for Derbyshire's AHP's Day virtual conference.


AHPs day is a grass root opportunity for AHPs to come together and celebrate being part of the AHP family. AHPs Day is a social movement to enable AHPs to collaborate within services, organisations and regions to:

  • Improve awareness of the roles of the fourteen allied health professions

  • Demonstrate the achievements of local services, and their impact on patient care and population health

  • Support integrated working with other services and organisations

  • AHPs are now the second largest healthcare workforce with significant opportunities to support delivery of the NHS long term plan


National Themes for AHP Day

Celebrating who we are – have a get together to share success you choose how!
Appreciating our skills and impact on care and support in our local communities. Do you have local stories to share? Will you be inviting others to shadow you in practice? Are you hosting AHP appreciation awards?
Inspiring our future workforce – Ensuring we can continue to grow an AHP workforce fit for the future is everyone's responsibility. We have the NHS Long Term Plan that needs our help now. We are committed to making an AHP career a career of choice. We will be encouraging AHPs to take action as AHP Career Ambassadors opening that all important careers door to others, offering the opportunity to explore the variety of career opportunities across the 14 AHP professions. Will you hosting a careers event? Going out to visit local schools? Inviting schools to a WOW school viewing?
New for 2020: Connecting with others. What relationships and conversations do you need to be engaging in to plug AHPs into workforce transformation and pathway redesign in your system? How are you connecting research with clinical practice? How are you sharing success and joining the dots on quality improvement?



We are celebrating our Allied Health Professionals who are using their AHP skills in a variety of ways across DCHS