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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) & Training Workforce Development Needs Analysis (TWDNA)

Each year the trust undertakes a collation of training needs for the training and workforce development needs analysis (TWDNA). This is based on appraisals, career pathways and service developments.

There is up to £1000 for each Nurse/ Nurse Associate or AHP to be spent on CPD (if staff have not already had any allocation in this financial year) for staff who are employed in the trust. Please note that it is subject to final divisional approval staff need to adhere to the study leave policy.

The TWDNA is being circulated via the divisional links to distribute to services for mangers to collate. Please note, this money is not recurring and will need to be identified for spending up to March 2023. A further TWDNA will be circulated next year as well.


What is the funding intended to be used for?

The CPD funding will provide an individual development fund for frontline registered clinical professionals to:

  • Equip you with new clinical skills to enhance the care you provide to patients and develop your careers
  • Support staff in moving between sectors, for example by enabling nurses and AHPs in hospitals to move to new roles in primary care and community care, supporting improved primary care access and out of hospital care
  • Support the maintenance of your continuing professional registration by helping you  to meet requirements from your professional regulators


Who is this funding for?

The funding is for every Registered Nursing Associate, Nurse, Midwife and AHP. The £1000 allocation can be spent over a period of three years or used in total against a specific development request.


How can this be spent?

Staff need to identify through their appraisals and discussions with managers.

  • It can support programs at university (or part payment).
  • It can be used to commission in programs such as programs to enhance service development for the whole team
  • It can support conference attendance
  • It can be used for buying in relevant training


The divisional links who are coordinating this in conjunction with managers etc are:

  • ICS: Adam Short
  • PCSS: Neil Turner
  • HWBI: Matthew Eves
  • Corporate: Melanie Moss


Please note that it may mean that not everything can be approved in the initial scoping depending on capacity, additional support required on some programs etc


For more information please contact