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National Pharmacy Technician day on the 22 October - how we celebrated!

This year the pharmacy assistants and pharmacy support staff who work within the team were recognised as part of National Pharmacy Technician day. 

They shared a display board on the main pharmacy corridor, displaying some of our achievements that the Pharmacy Technicians have shared this year.

What do Pharmacy Technicians do?

Pharmacy Technicians are registered professionals and are governed by the General Pharmaceutical Council, having the responsibility to submit continuous professional  development annually to be   assessed, to maintain validation.  Their main duties within DCHS are:

  • as “checking technicians” in the main dispensary – Checking the final release of prescriptions prior to leaving the department  to ensure all safety measures are met during the dispensing process
  • carrying out specific audits throughout the Trust e.g Controlled Drugs audit - The CD audit is one of the top priority audits for the trust. The wards and departments are expected to be 100% compliant on all standards.
  • as medicines management technicians in clinical areas -  visiting all the wards, providing care to all of our in-patients – Checking  their medicines for use during their in-patient stay are suitable for reuse, supporting patients to be compliant with their medicines and carrying out the checks necessary to ensure they are correctly prescribed, maintaining supplies throughout their stay and in preparation for their discharge