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Responding to Covid-19 demand

Dear all,
Covid-19 case numbers are rising rapidly across the whole of the UK and new national restrictions are being introduced from Thursday (5 November) to control the spread of the virus, as described by the Prime Minister in his public address at the weekend. These new measures will require everyone to stay at home and will prevent any gatherings with people you do not live with. Certain businesses and venues will also be temporarily closed. More details here.
The position in Derbyshire is a very challenging one – the increase in Covid-19 outbreaks has led to an inevitable increase in admissions, together with significant service pressures. Our focus has now shifted to responding to this wave two demand, looking at how we will adapt and flex to deliver the best balance of services for our communities over the coming months. We’re working hard with our partners across health and social care to ensure all essential services remain open and operate safely, building on everything we learnt from the first wave response. We’ve issued clear advice to the public to support us with this which you can read here. Its key messages are that the NHS is still ‘open for business’, but it remains essential that people use it appropriately and go to the right place for treatment.
These ongoing efforts are underpinned by two very important themes – looking after ourselves and each other; and rigorously maintaining the highest standards of infection, prevention and control. We will be checking in with colleagues who have previously shielded, refreshing personal risk assessments and doing all we can to ensure everyone remains safe at work. This may include refocusing people’s day-to-day duties.

We must also continue to model the right behaviours at all times, including hands, face space and following our local contact tracing process if a member of staff tests positive. If you have any symptoms, you must self-isolate. If you receive a notification from the Covid-19 app that you may have been in contact with someone who has tested positive, you should follow this guidance. Please note, if you received a call from the national Test and Trace service then this is different – you must self-isolate immediately or risk the associated fines. And finally, it is timely to remind everyone to work from home wherever possible, reducing any non-essential contact or travel to NHS sites.
Things are certainly tough and unrelenting at the moment, and your combined efforts are making such a valuable difference to people’s lives across Derbyshire. It’s so important we all remember to take some time for ourselves as well – have a rest and recharge the batteries with our families. Regular breaks from the pressures of work, particularly during the pandemic, will be vital to keeping us safe and well. There’s plenty of support and tips available on this website to help us in these unusual times.
Thank you for everything you do.

Many thanks

Issued on behalf of
William Jones
Chief Operating Officer & Accountable Emergency Officer
Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS FT