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#MedSafetyWeek – every report counts - November 2 – 8

A message from the Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency;


Dear Colleague,

The One Millionth Yellow Card report and #MedSafetyWeek – every report counts - November 2 – 8 campaign has launched today. We would like to take this opportunity to ask you to please support the campaign.

The aim is to raise awareness and increase reporting of suspected adverse drug reactions to the Yellow Card scheme. We will also be marking receipt of our millionth report, a significant milestone for the MHRA.

Please find a link to the press release issued today which you are welcome to share.

Other materials you can use are below.

  • In the October issue of the Drug Safety Update (DSU) there is a Drug Safety Article published about the #MedSafetyWeek campaign.
  • The Campaigns tab of the Yellow Card reporting website has animations from previous campaigns which can be reused and we have uploaded 3 new animations for this year’s #MedSafetyWeek.
  • Please be sure to follow our official MHRA social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn).
  • Please also retweet, share and like our posts throughout the week.
  • Here is a link to the e-mail signature people can add to their own and crib sheet to use to help promote the campaign and encourage reporting.
  • For more information on Yellow Card reporting there are some pdfs at the bottom of the following page, which also includes links to the e-learning modules which make great induction material for new starters and count for CPD credits for healthcare professionals.
  • The Resources tab has other various downloadable materials you may find helpful (e.g. posters/presentations/guidance etc).

You may also wish to view the campaign package, but we would advise you to read the campaign guide slideshow to put it into context first.

Many thanks for your support. Please share this message with your networks and contacts.

Please email if you require further information.

Thank you.

Best wishes,

Patient and Public Engagement

Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
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