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Congratulations to our 12 lucky winners

Back in May, Avios Group and British Airways launched an Appeal to the British Airways Executive Club Members to join them in donating their Avios points to NHS staff thanking them for the amazing work they have been doing during the Covid-19 pandemic.  At the end of the Appeal they raised 305 million Avios points, enough to thank over 5,000 NHS staff.

DCHS were given 12 awards to gift to 12 colleagues who we have randomly selected from a list of all staff, including our bank colleagues.

Congratulations to our 12 lucky winners who will receive 60,000 points each in December 2020, which is enough to buy either flights or a weekend away for two in a hotel and don’t worry the points are valid for 3 years! Enjoy your prize!!

  • Katie Goodwin
  • Sarah Atkinson
  • Samantha Hallam
  • Stephen Barrett
  • Deborah Clowes
  • Emma Lister
  • Megan Roe
  • Lucy Edmundson
  • Peter Hancock
  • Elaine Offler
  • Janet Clarbour
  • Jayne Mellor