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The e-learning for Safeguarding Level 3 Children - 000 Safeguarding Children Level 3 no longer meets requirements

The National level 3 Safeguarding Children e-learning package is no longer to be completed by DCHS staff.  This was an interim safeguarding training option during Covid 19 working arrangements. Completion of this package will not be accepted for existing staff as of 10/11/2020

As 000 Safeguarding Children Level 3 is a national package this cannot be removed from ESR

We therefore remind staff to subscribe to the certification for any e-learning where competences relate to requirements by using the magnifying glass in compliance next to the relevant competence.

Training requirements have changed.  If your job role identified that you required level 3 safeguarding children you will now be required to complete Level 3 Think Family training. This is a Think Family Level 3 course, and nominated individuals have already been allocated places.

Staff identified as requiring Level 3a safeguarding children training will be required to complete Level 3 Think Family and Specialist Safeguarding Children (previously 3a) training.

The Safeguarding Team, people development team and the systems and information team are working together to ensure that this is reflected on ESR.

For any queries please contact the people development team: