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Eye tests and glasses claims for Display Screen Users

If you regularly use Display Screen Equipment (DSE) then you may be entitled to support with the cost of an eyesight test and any glasses prescribed specifically for that work.

If you use a computer/laptop continuously for more than an hour each day that you work, then you are likely to be classed as a ‘DSE User’ (see DSE Operating Standards for full details).  

  • Download the DSE Glasses Claim Authorisation Form
  • Book your appointment with an optician of your choice. A reasonable amount of time can be allocated for this appointment if it is during working hours.
  • Attend the appointment and obtain a receipt stating whether you have had eye test only, or eye test and glasses (the glasses prescription needs to state that they are specifically for DSE use).
  • DCHS will refund up to a maximum of £80 which includes either just an eye test or eye test and glasses (or contribution to the cost of glasses above this cost)
  • Complete the authorisation form and ask your manager to sign
  • Send the form to pay services (the address is on the form), along with a copy of the receipt

For colleagues working at home please also take a look at the home working guidance and self-assessment.