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Quality Conversations - new dates and new options, including 1 hour conversations in action sessions

Quality Conversations are all around! Having a Quality Conversation is more important than ever. You can now access this free training in a range of different ways to suit your experience, interest, and time commitments.

What is a Quality Conversation?  A Quality Conversation is an innovative and exciting approach to communicating. It has already transformed the way many of staff across Joined Up Care Derbyshire communicate with others. You will develop better listening skills, improve your use of open questions  and progress your ability to shape goals. You’ll learn how to go from giving advice, to supporting someone to generate their own solutions, often leading to far better outcomes.

Your Quality Conversation training options (…you can attend all three!)

  • Quality Conversations Essential Foundations -  2 x half days (1 month apart). No prior training needed.  For anyone who sees patients, clients or residents. Covers all areas of Quality Conversations is a well-established, intensive programme.
  • Quality ConversationsVirtual Conversations masterclasses - 3 hour session, Previously attended a Quality Conversations course or similar training (i.e. Motivational interviewing). Focuses on how you communicate, not on the technical aspects of various applications used.
  • Quality Conversations - *New* Quality Conversations in Action -  1 hour. No prior training needed, for anyone who sees patients, clients or residents. Bring a situation or a theme, we’ll give you a strategy to take away and apply to your next conversation.
  • Quality conversations – Overview of the three options.

How to access Quality Conversations training?​ Find out the dates and reserve your place on any of the courses by emailing:

Go to the JUCD website for further information