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Resource Scheduler update

We replaced the old Work Space Manager system in October with a new system called Resource Scheduler. 


Advance Bookings
During the first two months of using this system we had restricted access to bookings until the end of December.  We did this to allow site managers, training and other key services sufficient time to put in repeat and advance bookings for key meetings, clinics, etc. for next year.

These have all been completed, so we are now allowing bookings for all staff up to 3 months ahead.  This is the standard advance booking period for general users. 


Alternative Ways to Book
Initially we rolled this out with the main Resource Scheduler view, known as ‘Web View’.  There are two other options which are now available for booking: Mapview and the mobile app. 

Mapview allows you to book rooms and hot desks using a map of the sites to locate the room.
The Mobile App allows you to book rooms and hot desks directly from a mobile phone.

These options are explained on the information web page when you click on the link below.


Questions or Issues
If you have any questions or issues, please contact


Accessing Resource Scheduler
To access Resource Scheduler go to: