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Changes to Integrated Community Services – Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

Over the past year ICS have introduced triage and rapid response teams for nursing supported by a community access point (CAP).

These changes are needed to respond to a series of national requirements (see references).  For nursing the changes have made a positive impact by significantly reducing interruptions and admin burden, and they have also allowed us to respond demonstrably more quickly to urgent requests.


New service model for occupational therapy and physiotherapy (community, community support beds and inpatient services)

Our therapists have been developing a new model which, over the next few months, the community therapy services will transition to.  It also embraces the community access point and triage.  This will give common hours of operation 7 days a week across the county, better integrated nursing and therapy services and a simpler referral route – the same way in for both nursing and therapy.

Roll out of the new therapy model will be in phases across the city and county, starting with training in High Peak and Dales in December 2020.

Other localities will be phased across January-March 2021.  


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  1. COVID-19 hospital discharge service requirements (weekend working and response at discharge)

N.B. This requires a 7 day service supporting discharges into homes and community beds from 8am-8pm, as well as the 2 hour urgent community response to prevent admission


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