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Thrive: Mental Wellbeing now has a new unique feature for supporting you at work!

Staying in touch and checking in with each other is so important during these times, social support can help us deal with our worries and stress better and this is why we included a new function within the app that allows you to request a check in with your manager or other helpful colleague in your organisation at the touch of a button.

It was developed through staff surveys and focus groups and we’re confident that it will help support staff who are continuing to work in remote teams with less contact time

We’ve developed a handout, instructional video and intro training dates to support this launch.

Training dates: (these will be recorded too)

  • Managers:
    • Weds 20 Jan – 9.00am
    • Fri 22 Jan – 12.00pm
  • Staff:
    • Weds 20 Jan – 12.00pm
    • Fri 22 Jan – 9.00am

Emails for booking to: