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Time to Talk Day is this Thursday!

This Time to Talk day we want to encourage you all to find space for a quality chat with friends and colleagues. Whilst the pandemic continues to challenge us there is one thing that is clear – our way through is by sharing our story, connecting with and supporting each other.

So this Thursday why not arrange a 1-1 catch up, set aside some time in a team meeting, arrange a lunch break virtual get together or join one of our trust wide check ins (9am, 12, 4pm) and consider some of these questions to get you started…

  • How would you describe where your head is currently? Where is your heart?
  • What is bringing you comfort at the minute?
  • What is making you feel light at the minute? What is making you feel heavy?
  • What question is being asked of you, or through you, right now?
  • What guilty pleasure are you looking forward to indulging in when all of this is over?