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Who can become a Queen's Nurse?

Applications for the Queens Nurse award are encouraged by DCHS for those community nurses who meet the criteria. Information is available on the QNI website and this years applications will open in April 2021. The Director of Nursing, AHPs and Quality is extremely keen to increase the number of QNs within the organisation to represent the high quality of services provided by us at DCHS.

A Queen’s Nurse is someone who is committed to providing best care to their patients. They are trusted and valued by their patients and respected and admired by their peers. They are enthusiastic and passionate about the care they provide.



Eligibility criteria

To become a Queen’s Nurse you must:


  • be currently registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council
  • have a minimum of five years community nursing or health visiting experience
  •  be currently working in England, Wales or Northern Ireland with people in their own homes or other community-based settings.


The title of Queen’s Nurse is available to practitioners who fulfil these criteria and work in any community-based role.

We are also keen to receive applications from community nurses in managerial or educational roles. We recognise that there are many nurses who continue to make a valuable and direct contribution to improving patient care in these roles. Please contact a member of the practice development team for further information.


What are the benefits of becoming a Queen’s Nurse?

Being a Queen’s Nurse will:

  • signal your enduring commitment to providing best care for patients, being a role model for colleagues, and promoting care in the home and community
  •  enable you to join a network of Queen’s Nurses committed to the same values for learning and support 
  •  link you to a nursing organisation with a 120 year history of inspiring, involving and investing in nurses, giving you opportunities to influence policy and practice.


Specific criteria for the title of Queen’s Nurse

A Queen’s Nurse:

  • demonstrates integrity, honesty and compassion whilst delivering the highest quality care to the benefit of individuals, their families and carers, and their peers.
  • communicates in a  manner which engenders the trust of individuals
  • offers holistic, personalised care which acknowledges, and is tailored to, the needs of the client
  • acts as an inspiring role model to peers and professional colleagues
  • is committed to learning and the development of community nursing.


Please contact for further information