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Wellbeing this winter

Schwartz Round - Tuesday 23 February 1.00pm - 2.00pm: Working in healthcare often means we’re very skilled at taking care of others, yet we sometimes pay less attention to taking good care of ourselves. Our next Schwartz Round will explore the challenges and emotions associated with that. Contact Ruth for more.

Financial wellbeing support group: Following a recent financial wellness session led by Chris Hughes from the Hughes Company (catch up on the session here) we have set up a financial wellbeing support group. This provides a safe space to share challenges as well as tips on making the most of our money. The first session will be 3.30pm - 4.30pm on Wednesday 3 March. Contact for the link.


Has Covid-19 resulted in you feeling

· Stressed or anxious at work or home?

· Finding it difficult to balance work and home commitments?

· Relationships with family, friends or colleagues are suffering?

· Concerned about your wellbeing?

· Isolated, lonely or with no-one to talk to?

· Like you’re having more bad days than good ones?

Relatehub can help. Please join us to hear more about this free telephone and webchat service commissioned by NHSEI, currently being offered by the national charity Relate via a dedicated team to all staff delivering NHS services in the Midlands Region. There are additional parts of the service which we will highlight too and we ask for your help to spread the word to frontline teams.

Counsellors working on the hub supporting NHS colleagues with whatever the worries they are seeking help on, will be joining us to share their experience of being part of this new service that is receiving fabulous feedback.

 Click here to join the meeting  for 3 March, 1.00pm – 2.00pm.

More Wellbeing training in March: For full list of dates, click here.

  • Personal Power – connecting with our confidence: Confidence cultivates having the courage to embrace change, face challenges head on, embody a positive mind-set, accepting your vulnerabilities and learning from your mistakes. 
  • Beating Burnout: Given that we have been working through the pandemic for a year now it is not surprising for us to feel tired, flat or lacking our spark. With some awareness and some strategies we can recharge our batteries and rediscover our zest.
  • Way To Wellbeing: We’ll help you get the basics in place from staying hydrated to getting enough sleep. We’ll also share some of our top tips on creating boundaries between our home and work life.