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The importance of reporting Datix’s on time

Any incident requiring a Datix must be completed within the day or shift that the incident occurred.

  • Usually the staff member concerned is responsible for completing the Datix
  • If this is not possible, a colleague or manager should complete the Datix
  • If an injury lasting over 7 days has occurred, the manager must inform the health and safety team

Datix’s that are RIDDOR’s (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations) are required to be reported to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) by the health and safety team within 15 days of the incident occurring. A late Datix means that the HSE receives these reports late from us, and makes the incident more difficult to investigate and learn lessons from.

The health and safety team are here to help if there are any issues with completing a Datix on time.