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Beating Burnout

24 March


9 April


20 April


Personal Power

26 March


13 April


23 April


Way To Wellbeing

25 March



1 April



16 April



Personal Power – connecting with our confidence
Sometimes a good dose of self-compassion and a boost to reignite what’s already within us can make all the difference to our confidence and self-esteem.

Being confident isn’t about having no fear or doubt, it’s about being unsure but going ahead anyway. Confidence cultivates having the courage to embrace change, face challenges head on, embody a positive mind-set, accepting your vulnerabilities and learning from your mistakes. True confidence is about conquering the intangible fears we face on a daily basis, and the best news?  All these can be learned.


Beating Burnout
How much energy do you feel able to bring to your work currently? How much is left for your personal life?

Given that we have been working through the pandemic for a year now it is not surprising for us to feel tired, flat or lacking our spark. The good news is that this isn’t inevitable. With some awareness and some strategies we can recharge our batteries and rediscover our zest.

This is the focus of our ‘Beating Burnout’ training – join us for 90minutes as we explore the topics of burnout and compassion fatigue, increasing our understanding of our current energy levels and identifying strategies to recharge our batteries.


Way To Wellbeing
If you are interested in finding out some hints and tips to boost your health and wellbeing then this is the training for you. We’ll help you get the basics in place from staying hydrated to getting enough sleep. We’ll also share some of our top tips on creating boundaries between our home and work life. With plenty of opportunity for discussion this training will act as a timely check in for anyone who feels like they need to go back to basics.


Financial Wellbeing Support Group
We know that our financial situation can have a direct impact on our overall wellbeing and often when we face challenges financially we find other aspects of our wellbeing take a dip. Following a recent Financial Wellness session led by Chris Hughes from the Hughes Company (catch up on the session here) we have set up a Financial Wellbeing Support Group. This peer support group, running monthly, provides a safe space to share challenges as well as tips and techniques on making the most of our money. We also plan to have different speakers join the group from time to time. Following a successful first session, the sessions moving forward will be held on the first Wednesday of each month 3.30-4.30pm -- Contact for the link to join the session.


Endometriosis Month
March is Endometriosis Awareness Month and the staff wellbeing team is supporting Endometriosis UK Campaign to help raise awareness, end the stigma and break the taboo of this long term condition.

As endometriosis affect 1 in 10 women and those assigned female at birth. The Staff wellbeing Team will be hosting a talk with Clare Knox from See Her Thrive on Endometriosis on: Tuesday 23 March at 12.30pm via Teams

This talk is open for everyone working within the Trust. It is for anyone who wants to know more about endometriosis and how best support either yourself, or your colleague, friend or family member.

If you would like to attend please contact Sarah Osborn at Sarah will then send you the invite and link.


National Offer Update
There are some updates to the national staff wellbeing offer, including the many apps and programmes we have had access to throughout the pandemic. These are summarised in this letter here.