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This week for our wellbeing...

The Fertility Talk - Wednesday 12 May, 3.00pm via Teams
Adam Balen (Professor of Reproductive Medicine, Leeds Teaching NHS Hospital) and Grace Dugdale (Reproductive Biologist) will lead a presentation, covering general reproductive health, preconception care, fertility between us, menstrual health and how it relates to fertility and general health, and
 interventions that can help.  
This talk is open for everyone working within the DCHS. who would like to know more about fertility for either yourself, a colleague, friend or family member.

Guidance and Hormone and Reproductive Health Wellness Action Plan Workshops
A key aim of this project is to develop guidance for hormone and reproductive health conditions including the menopause to help support staff and managers.
The purpose of the guidance is to raise awareness of conditions related to reproductive and hormone health and their symptoms as well as providing advice to managers and employees on how best to support colleagues and themselves and to help reduce the effect of these symptoms at work.
Workshops via Teams have been arranged to provide an opportunity to discuss the project and go through what the guidance looks like and how to use it within the workplace. One workshop will be for leaders and the other will be for colleagues in non-leadership roles:

Friday 16 April at 12.00pm
Monday 19 April at 2.00pm
Monday 26 April at 11.00am

Wednesday 14 April 2.00pm
Tuesday 20 April 10.00am
Thursday 29 April 2.00pm

If you wish to take part in any of the above talks, group or workshops or would like more information please email Sarah Osborn (staff wellbeing project officer) at