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Well done Kath Kearns and team!

Kath Kearns, practice educator for school nursing, and the team had submitted an application earlier this year for the MacQueen Bursary (The CPHVA Education and Development Trust).

Kath was invited to give a presentation and was informed that her submission had been accepted. Kath’s presentation stated that if successful, the bursary would be used to fund approximately 6 school nurses to undertake the sleep training currently offered by the Sleep Charity.

This training would enable more public health support in the complex area of sleep to be offered to young people living in Derbyshire by our school nurses.

Kath will also be required to write an article about the impact and effectiveness of the training which will be published in the CPHVA journal.

This is absolutely amazing news and we are all extremely proud of Kath and her colleagues for this amazing achievement. Well done everyone! Read more below what the funding will provide for the team...

The funding will enable Kath and colleagues within the Derbyshire School Nursing team to provide quality support for an increasingly identified need amongst school age population of Derbyshire. The current Covid pandemic is having an impact on the emotional health of children and their level of activities. This appears to be impacting the incidences of sleep disturbance amongst school age children which in turn is increasing a need for a highly skilled workforce of school nurses.

The training will support School Nurses within Derbyshire to support the younger population to embed healthy sleeping which will benefit their emotional and physical health throughout live stages. Improved sleep will also support CYP to attain their academic potential.

Kath envisages the information will be disseminated amongst the school age population of Derbyshire through one to one school health appointments as well as group work for example during PSHE.

The funding would also enable the benefactors of this training to support their colleagues in their practices as well as educational staff and families.