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IMPORTANT update for leaders/hiring managers - Major changes to TRAC this month

Leaders/hiring managers

You may or may not be aware but the NHS Jobs platform is changing in April. 

We have been working with the NHS Jobs Project Team to make our organisation ready for the switch to the new platform. The following key issues are being managed by the people resourcing team over next few weeks to try and deliver a smooth transition.

Key changes

  • New website design is based on the Gov.UK style of website so it is a dramatic visual change to the existing NHS Jobs website.
  • New advertising template and structure that aligns TRAC and NHS Jobs will be implemented so that adverts created in TRAC display correctly inside the new NHS Jobs website
  • Attachments such as video links, and other e-documents will no longer be attached to the advertisements as the new platform has a reduced capability in terms of marketing.

The plan

The people resourcing team is intending to deliver the transition as below: 

  • All new vacancies authorised on TRAC after 9am Wednesday 14 April will be placed on hold until we have transitioned to the new NHS Jobs platform.
  • All existing vacancies will need to be closed 9am on Monday 19 April to enable the Recruitment Team to download all applications inside the existing platform and complete all admin to close down the old systems.
  • Switch to new NHS Jobs platform will take place on Tuesday 20 April at 9am. This will require a number of template changes inside TRAC to align to the new platform. The NHSE&I project team has confirmed that we will experience only a short period of downtime in terms of functionality on the day of switch over.
  • Any adverts that had been placed on HOLD after 14 April will need to be reviewed again on 20 April and hiring managers will be supported by their respective recruitment officers to ensure that adverts have been created in the new advertising template and then posted onto the new NHS jobs platform.
  • A list of designated recruitment officers for your service area is available from the people resourcing team including email and contact telephone numbers, to provide 1-2-1 support to hiring managers during the transition.

More information

New Jobs Advert template

For TRAC to align to the new NHS Jobs system it has been necessary for the advertisement template to be changed, so that information published is in the correct format.

The new and improved advert template will be implemented on 20 April when we have transitioned to the new  NHS Jobs service, so the recruitment team will be available to support hiring managers when creating /  amending the content of adverts inside TRAC once we have fully implemented the changes on 20 April.

It is also important for you to be aware that the new NHS Jobs platform has limited support for attachments, and additional documents, links, images. Therefore the default link being used by all employers on NHS Jobs will be to redirect to an organisation’s website.