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Join our staff networks!

Colleagues are welcome to join any of our four Staff Networks either as a member or an ally to continue to build a safe, supportive, compassionate and inclusive organisation as an employer and a service provider. 

  1. Armed Forces and Veterans (AF&V) Network
  2. Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Staff Network
  3. Disabilities and Long-Term Conditions (D&LTC) Staff Network
  4. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans+ (LGBT+) Staff Network


Each network has executive sponsorship:

  • Darren Tidmarsh, Director of People Services and Organisational Effectiveness, is executive sponsor for the AF&V Network.
  • Chris Sands, Director of Finance and Strategy / Deputy Chief Executive, is executive sponsor for the BAME Staff Network.
  • Tracy Allen, Chief Executive, is executive sponsor for the D&LTC Staff Network.
  • Jim Austin, Chief Information and Transformation Officer, is executive sponsor for the LGBT+ Staff Network.

Colleagues have protected time to get involved.  For enquiries and/or to join the networks, email the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Team at



What does it mean to be an ally and how does this differ from being a bystander?  ‘Allyship is about building relationships of trust, consistency and accountability with marginalised individuals and/or groups of people.  Although you might not be a member of an underinvested or oppressed group, you can support them and make the effort to understand their struggle and use your voice alongside theirs.’ NHS England 2020

Watch some short and insightful videos - one featuring John Amaechi on ‘how to be anti-racist’ and another on ‘white privilege’ shared in 2020 at our Leaders’ Team Brief on 12 August that focused on race equality, as well as at our inaugural EDI conference and allyship-themed event on 20 October.  Details of the theme of our EDI Conference 2021, being shaped with our Staff Networks, will be published at the earliest opportunity once finalised all things being well.