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Quality Conversations - Interested to know what 99% of your colleagues would recommend?

We are pleased to share with you the interim evaluation of the Quality Conversations programme. The QC programme started in July 2020, training front facing staff across all Derbyshire stakeholders in how to reframe conversations. The programme is evidence based, rooted in raising awareness of the impacts of health inequalities and supports staff to improve communication skills, engage better with their patients, service users and clients, influence some health behaviour change and provide more personalised care. It is provided virtually over MS Teams and so far we have trained 682 individuals across Derbyshire.

Evaluation has demonstrated that 99.8% of respondents said they’d recommend the training to a colleague.

• 67% increase in confidence in using the GROW model for health behaviour change

• 38% increase in self-reported confidence in having a quality conversation overall

A brief infographic is attached, and click here for the evaluation demonstrating the positive impact it has had across Derbyshire.