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New bedrails and bed lever e-learning package on ESR

This training package will provide bed rail training for all staff who use or prescribe bed rails. Staff who make decisions about bed rails and bed levers/sticks/equipment and their use, or advise people on their use, must have the appropriate knowledge to do so. The learning package includes information to enable staff to understand the risks and benefits of using bed rails and bed area equipment

Most decisions about bed rails, bed levers etc. are a balance between competing risks. The risks for the individual can be complex and relate to their physical and mental health needs, the environment, their treatment, their personality and their lifestyle.  Staff should use their professional judgement to consider the risks and benefits for each individual.

New staff will not be able to prescribe bed rails unless they have received the training and are competent to do so. Current staff will need to complete the training within 3 months but will be able to continue prescribing.

New staff will be able to use bed rails / lever etc before completion of the training as part of their supported probationary period.

This training is mandatory for all clinical ward staff, community nursing and therapy staff, community matrons, clinical learning disability and OPMH staff, Quality Always, clinical practice facilitators and specialist clinical services clinicians.