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Parenting through exams

The wellbeing team continues to run a Virtual School Gate on a Thursday morning 9.30am – 10.30am. It is a relaxed meeting, providing a space for colleagues with parenting responsibilities to share and support each other through the various challenges of parenting through a pandemic. Recently discussions at the sessions have been about supporting children through exams. There is so much information out there about how to be there for our children through this stage of their learning, and it can be hard to take all of the information in, so we have collated some useful websites, articles, resources and some top tips 😊 please share these with colleagues and if you would like to join in with the Virtual School Gate – just email for the link to join.

Parenting through exams

Top tips to help your child through the exam period

  1. Make yourself available to them  - especially at times when they may be feeling anxious or worried such as around the time they normally head to bed.
  2. Encourage your child to eat and drink healthily and regularly. You could offer to cook a favourite meal for them 😊 or have something they might fancy ready for breakfast prior to exams.
  3. Reassure them that you are proud of them however well they do in their exams.
  4. Encourage physical exercise as breaks between revision. If their exercise can be done with others then even better!
  5. Be flexible around household chores, tidy rooms etc and accept that there may be some lost tempers and moodiness for a while.
  6. Encourage them to wind down in the evening in order to get 8-10 hours of sleep, a good night’s sleep will be of more benefit to them than cramming revision in late at night.
  7. Help them draw up a revision plan and find a space they feel comfortable revising in.
  8. Encourage one revision free day a week.
  9. Be their calm – help them to put it into perspective if needed.
  10. Contact their GP or school for additional support if you have concerns. Something as simple as some extra help from a teacher can really help.

Some useful websites and resources can be found below:

Looking after you too

As parents this time can feel stressful for you too. Your children need you to be at your best for them so make sure to take time to look after yourself. Ensure you are getting enough sleep, eating well and taking breaks. The self-care advice we give to children during their exams applies to parents too!  Relieve any pressures where you can to support yourself to support others. This might mean you stand down a few social events or you let the garden become full of weeds! If you are able to connect with other 'exam parents' then do :-) it can really help to know that others are with you and you are not alone.

You can access Wellbeing Coaching calls or attend the Virtual School Gate by emailing The Wellbeing Team at