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Launching our Care (Covid & Recovery Excellence) recognition initiative

How was it for you? Has your pandemic been a high intensity experience in PPE … keeping services running in extreme circumstances…  actually okay but busy… a dislocated lonely time working from home… or a myriad of experiences in between, we want to capture the real life world of DCHS teams in the past year.

So we are making a film! And we need your team in it. We are calling it Care Recognition which roughly translates as Covid and Recovery Excellence, but this encompasses absolutely all teams, you all have a part to play…

So whether you were redeployed, took on different responsibilities, juggled lockdown working in a busy muddle at home, kept open access services like UTCs running smoothly… everyone needed to adapt and innovate in different ways to the extraordinary times we lived through.

Nothing speaks louder than your team when it comes to telling the story of how DCHS colleagues have faced challenges and been brilliant this past year.

Here’s what we are asking you to do:

  • Choose one of the three options below to describe your team’s year
  • Record a soundbite of a few seconds (with as many team colleagues as possible) on your phone
  • We hope to have a cast of thousands so please keep it short! Although this will be epic we can’t make it epic length!
  • Whatsapp it back to us by 2 August (details of how below)
  • We’ll do the rest and launch the finished video at the Annual Members Meeting.

Please choose one:

  1. We’ve felt plenty of love for the NHS and DCHS over the past year from our grateful communities. How does that make your team feel? (in three words or fewer)?  (e.g. humbled, proud, warm inside, really valued, like this (hand on heart), grateful but exhausted, valued but tired… or something else entirely? Tell us on video!)
  2. The pandemic has been the worst of times in many ways but has also brought out the very best in people. Can you sum up what it’s been like for your team over the past year? (in six words or fewer)? (e.g. proud to have fantastic colleagues; lonely because we were redeployed;  it has really brought us together;  grateful for such fantastic colleagues; we never stopped doing our best; frightened about what would happen next … or something else entirely? Tell us on video!)
  3. Our connections with each other have really kept us going in the past year – it is often the people around us who help us through. Describe a moment or gesture which helped your team? (in one sentence)? (e.g receiving a pocket hug in the post, my boss turning up with chocolate, a phone call just to check we was okay, my colleague wearing fancy dress on Teams meetings… or something else entirely? Tell us on video!)

How to film and submit your video:

  • Please film a short clip of yourself/your team in landscape (horizontal) mode, in a brightly lit area. For best results film yourself facing towards the light source, i.e. face towards a window if you’re filming indoors or face towards the sun outdoors. Try to not record selfies where possible in order to keep the camera steady. If filming inside, please remember to wear a mask and be socially distanced from other colleagues. Please film yourself/your team outside if you would like to film without masks. Once complete, send your clip through to the comms team – it’s that simple. Send your videos through on Whatsapp to 07867 556 167 by 5pm on Monday 2 August.