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Interested in being a coachee?

Have you ever wondered what this “coaching” stuff was about? Or thought it was only for “other people”, not me? 

Last year, an opportunity came up so I thought I might as well give it a go and it transformed my attitude and thinking about many things in life. 

So, is there something on your mind that you are mulling over, or you are not too sure what to do, then a coaching conversation will help. 

Following my coaching experience, I am now training to be a coach and I am looking for volunteers who are willing to have a coaching conversation so that I can gain my accreditation. 

If you are curious about coaching and willing to give it a go, then please feel free to contact me. We can have a 30 minute or 60 minute conversation via Teams or other, telephone, in person. 

Please contact me via email:

I really hope that we can both learn from our time together. 

Elizabeth Saltmarsh