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Do you want to better understand how to support and work with gender diverse people?

GIRES (Gender Identity Research & Education Society) has produced e-Learning to support Healthcare Teams providing care for gender diverse individuals.     

There are two modules looking at healthcare for gender diverse (transgender, non-binary, non-gender) people. It includes definitions of key terms, an overview of treatment, referral pathways, ongoing treatment and monitoring in collaboration with specialised services.

  • Module 1 - working with Adults
  • Module 2 - working with Children and Young People

Cultural competence is also addressed as this is an essential element in underpinning the successful care across a broad range of medical and social services for service users of all ages. The e-learning programme is designed for:

  • Health and social care providers including people working in care-homes, hospitals, schools and GP surgeries;
  • Medical professionals;
  • Non-clinical staff working in healthcare
  • Educational professionals including school nurses; and
  • Gender diverse people and their families.